Shooting for the summer project

Jamie Hudson 1 - Preparation for the summer project     Jamie Hudson 1 - Preparation for the summer project

These images above are of my brother who kindly offered to be my model for the summer project brief. It was one of my first times using studio lighting which I set up in an abandoned like building. The location I chose was a business park in my local town where my Dad has a unit for his own Business. I didn’t take a huge amount of images because time wasn’t particularly on my side however with the amount I shot, I was satisfied and more than pleased with. The two above are my favourite predominantly because of the smooth shadow coming from the model onto the wall. This I felt was my biggest challenge creating a nice and not to harsh shadow. I used two studio lights and a flashgun that bounced off the wall towards the left hand side of me to create this effect. My intention with this location shoot was to demonstrate my technical and studio skills as well as to show my interest into fashion photography… a commercial route I am kean to undertake.


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