The cathedral and Plantation Garden location shoot

Wide appature HDR    Shallow depth of field    Freezing movement    bluring movement

Brief – BA1a Fundamentals: 52°39’N  (First brief of year 1)

This brief is the first one we got assigned to. The task was to operate the camera in full manual control overriding the ‘average’ exposures the camera would normally take. The task was a little tedious to begin with because it was really easy having used manual for two years. However i did start to get a little creative and think about the mood, expressing my own thoughts into the images i created. One picture out of the four i think does this well is the blurred shot (long shutter speed) where my friend is walking down the stairs. An essay followed this location shoot that was named ‘Where I am’ which i felt i wrote well and was a good sudden start to getting back into the habit of writing essays.


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