First Visiting Lecturer

Katy White,

Today was the first visiting lecturer of the year. Katy is also working at NUA along side doing her MA work (work in progress). The talk was inspiring and interesting to listen to gathering information about how she plans for a shoot or brief. She talked through her processes and research. I particularly liked how Katy initially wanted to get her final outcome with a digital camera however after her first shoot, decided to go down another root and explore more traditional types of photography. I think it was called wet plate processing if i remember rightly and it significantly impacted the texture and the total feel of the final image, which was of a race dog. The images she has made are gritty and really did communicate something to the viewer, one feeling i picked up was the dog’s background and how he may be feeling. Which makes sense as in her research, she spoke about the interaction and empathy humans have for animals. These talks are going to be good for me personally every Friday learning about new techniques and photographer’s work flow processes, in order for me to mature and grow as a photographer, and a potential employee.


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