Someone once said…


Life is what you make it.

I took this image in the town centre. I’ve seen this busker more than once and the way he dresses says to me he isn’t homeless/very poor and the guitar he is playing isn’t the cheapest. Basically the busker isn’t primarily playing for money, but more for the love of it. Life is what you make it which my Grandma and my Dad have really instilled in me meaning it is up to yourself to put the hard work in to get to where you want, to live life the way you want to live it. The male in the picture maybe a  very happy person and is proud of what he has achieved and simply enjoys to play to other people of the high street of Norwich cheering others up. Or perhaps he had a chance to become a professional solo artist at some point in his life and either didn’t go for his dream or got rejected. Either way, life is what you make it… persistence, determination and passion is the key for success in life.


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