Group Teaching

This again was something I’ve never really done before nor regularly. We were introduced to a new tutor called Ross who talked through the piece of ‘academic text’ we have been given for our brief: What is Photography?’. It was a small group of 6 and we discussed how each of us interpreted different pieces of sentences and quotes within the text. I’m finding the text extremely hard to read but with the help of Google and, I’m just about coping. I’ve been used to highlighting and making annotations within text on every sentence from six form, this previous practice really helped in me gain an understanding of this text.

We are supposed to gain inspiration from this text and form a foundation for the brief around being ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ which is proving a difficult start for me, a lot more research is needed before i can gain form a ‘full’ idea.

Ross has also, strangely, given us a small challenge to make a self portrait of ourselves for our next session. It should be relatively easy to do but I am looking forward to it.


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