Dyslexia appointment

Today I sat down with Ellie who is a dyslexia tutor. We got on together and she respected me as a grown teenager, instead of being spoken down to like I have in the past. Me and Ellie had a good talk about the brief we have been given. I gave her a copy of the long worded inside/out text and started to dissect it together. I told her my potential conclusion of the text which is ‘a unprocessed liminal space’ that exists within the viewer and she agreed with me. Below is a picture of a sheet we have drawn up together to help myself process it. This helps me a lot instead of it all being in my head jumbled up.

She’s written down the most important parts of the brief and made it easier for me the way she has set it out. It makes it more understandable and less stressful for me.


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