Group teaching with Ross

Still not got a goal at the end of this brief. Ross’s session has really helped me focus on what to photograph for this project. I was stuck for ideas by focusing on the text to much whilst he reminded me that the text is a starting point, not the end goal. He said to look into my personal interests which don’t really span further than running and the gym. Ross give me a goal to reach and that is to research the sport running and the gym lifestyle and maybe document that from an ‘outsiders’ point of view…. this is something that really interests me.

The talk with Ross today really got me back on track although i am still feeling quite down. Speaking to the tutors Andi, Ross and Junkeo is really helping me at the moment as i feel i need support to uplift my general mood about Photography and do what I’ve wanted to do for the past couple of years, take photographs professionally. The journey to where i want to be at the moment just feels too long to get to. At least for now…


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