Guest Lecture – Lottie Davis

Lottie Davies Portrait Lottie Davies

A multi-award-winning and BAFTA-nominated fine art, portrait, travel, editorial and commercial photographer based in London, UK. – Taken from her personal website

Born in Guildford, UK, in 1971.


Lottie started off her career through a window campaign. She got this job by sending a letter to this shop that displayed photographs of flowers that she arrogantly thought she could shoot better. After a newspaper guy (someone who worked for the press) saw her image in the gym. This person phoned her up asking her to do a weekly newspaper column on food. She did this for a good seven years which gave her a steady income.

But food photography she said wasn’t for her. It gave her a good income visiting restaurants traveling the UK, eating good food however the images she was taking wasn’t exciting her. One day she was walking past international survival offices and asked “Who does the campaigns?”. They couldn’t give her money but she didn’t care, she wanted to do travel photography and this was her way in, not only to shoot around the world but to get the stories seen and shown to the public. She went to Morocco to build a portfolio however the images had no story and didn’t do much. These trips costed her money for flights, food and accommodation which no one at the time wanted to pay for her. She shoot a few stories for the telegraph. Davies decided to go to Syria before the current conflict which she said her images only recently got published a couple of years ago in an Australia.

During her unpaid traveling jobs, she took photographs for Gary Rhodes for his food books. Every time she made money in her food photography she always invested it back into her work.

She also took on board what she learnt from assisting in London and rented a wood from her friend to shoot commercial pictures.


The picture above is one of the images she shot in her friends wood.

“Find a thing you genuinely love anyway, you’re half way there.

“If you’re comfortable with your thing, you can say its going to be okay.”

Memories and Nightmares – Body of work

Fortnum and Mason – Body of work
– Shot two years ago, all her work she has done came together for this one. Shot a wave bridge pink unicorn. A producer came to her show on memories and nightmares. the art director asked her to shoot… it was ‘super-hard’. Shot for a christmas catalog. She says because all the work she has done came to this, no-one else could have taken it like she did.

Lottie Davies with her travel photography and aspiration, she wanted to tell stories, change things for the better, studying philosophy at uni, separating right from wrong.

Rest day from the gym…. made me think about photographing the ‘sport culture life’. How people take pride and accomplishment from their own goals in the gym and other sports. Need to research the context of these pictures… sports brands like Nike and Adidas to create an idea of how these sports are photographed commercially.



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