Guest Lecture – Scott Grummett

Since I saw the picture of marmite on the NUA intranet upcoming to this guest lecture, I knew this was going to be a good lecture. For some reason I had this gut feeling this was going to be inspiring for me… and god was I right. The night before the lecture i booked into the group crit because again i had this gut feeling that it will be worthwhile.

Scott who had graduated from NUA in 2010 (5 years ago!) truly inspired me this morning and made me realise or remember the end goal from this course. Lately I’ve been feeling down and stuck in a plateau with the current brief losing the love of photography very slowly. In his lecture and the group crit i had with him, i listened to every word he said, i didn’t make many notes in the lecture, i was just listening. He started off saying he was a little guy sitting in the dark in the studio all day doing still life. Food photography was never something he considered during his first two years at NUA and now he’s a professional food photographer which also gives me more motivation. I may not be the happiest student yet because i’m still yet to find what I am passionate about in terms of the subject in my photography.

I also signed up to the group crit with Scott which apparently i am the first year 1 to do so. I really enjoyed it showing my work to him and year 3’s to get their opinion and to uplift my mood. I told Scott to be as bluntly as possible and as harsh. He gave me some good feedback and never did say he didn’t like any of my images which made me feel a lot better about myself and my photography. Finding something i am passionate about in the next three years is why i am here to experiment and play around with the equipment and facilities here. Scott said to make the most of what you have got here and test, test, test. The majority of his testing work made it in to his portfolio which gets him work.



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