Peer review

29th October,

In todays group crit, we had to review a peers’ work assessing their logbook and journal. This was a really important and valuable session for me getting to know the marking grid so i know exactly what my tutors are looking for, but also to see other peoples progress on the brief. The past week and a half i haven’t produced much but my peer Shannon gave me a ‘Satisfactory’ grade. I wasn’t expecting anything more to be frank and I’m pleased with todays outcome. Looking at Shannon’s work and also some others in the Digital Dark Room, I now know what to write and how to present it. Overall a good session.

My inspiration and mood is still quite down at the moment, I needed this session to realise what I need to do to progress and get a good grade. Before making me and Andi had a talk which was really useful and I appreciated the time he had for me today. He helped me pick my head back up which is what I needed.

Below are pictures of the marking grid.


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