Practical workshop week 7

This weeks workshop was about key light and how to use on correctly in a studio. The two sample images we were given to ‘copy’ or recreate are in the picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 09.26.46

Me, Joe and Aimee got into a group and set up in the portrait studio section. Firstly we lit up the backdrop with two continuous lights that measured at f/16. We then got Joe to be a model to test what the key flash was firing at. At first it was firing at f/5.6 and we needed it at f/8, the same as the aperture set on the camera. The light meter was set to flash at 1/125.

Our first task after we set up was to take a portrait with the key flash firing at the model. Our second task was to use a modifier, a soft box that softened the light when it firers at the model. The soft box reduced the amount of light coming out so we needed to increase the power the key light was pumping out by a stop.

The pictures are below, the images of Joe are what i have taken.



The use of a key light flash would be needed when taking a portrait of a model where a creative shadow is needed or even to brighten up the subject in a studio. The key light flash allows the photographer to pump a stronger light onto the model to make them stand out from the backdrop. This allows for a more professional portrait of the subject and/or like the above image by David Bailey, to create moods like power.


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