Foggy nights in Norwich


After a late night gym session it was the foggiest night I’ve seen in Norwich and although all I wanted was food and my bed, I wasn’t missing this opportunity to shoot one of my favourite scenes. I love the fog because it’s so rare and makes for beautiful images you rarely see daily,  in England anyway. The above image is taken on my phone after my camera’s battery ran out.

I have an obsession with urban town/city centres at night, with no people, dark sky’s but also because the enviroment is still lit up by the huge high street shops that look even better at night. I love urban photography. I don’t know what it is…. maybe a middle genre for me between my favourites (Architecture and street photography). Which when shot on a foggy night is just mindblowingly beautiful for me. My favourite urban photographer Nicholas Goodden captures what I love minus the fog. A photograph in London (his home city) of Camden Lock bridge is one of my favourites that he has produced which I have attached below.

Copyright Nicholas Goodden
Copyright Nicholas Goodden Photography

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