Mental Asylum exploration – An unusual Sunday

Today has been one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in Norwich (that is photography related) and something that isn’t related to my current brief. Little plumstead hospital is where we explored just on the outskirts of Norwich (Plumstead, Norfolk. UK) where now only ‘The Old Hall’ is left standing. The area and building has some history with sites like ’’ and ‘’ displaying peoples pictures and stories when visiting the site.

In my last year of A-levels i did a project on HDR and urban exploration merging the two together. During my research i found this website called Behind Closed Doors which really inspired me when we visited the abandoned building today. The visuals that i have seen from their location reports all came back to me when exploring ‘The Old Hall’.

I found some images that others have taken at the asylum after here: Talk Urbex, 28 Days Later.

Having bought a new mac, I didn’t have the specialist HDR software I had found last year on my PC. I have spoken to my Dad tonight and managed to persuade him to buy me the specialist editing package that runs onto of Adobe Photoshop as a plug in called ‘The Nik Collection‘ from Google. Using the software ‘HDR eFex Pro 2’ from the collection, i merged the multiple exposures i have taken today and manipulated them. One image that I like is below.


I have a lot more scenes to edit and go through however I have limited time this week as the deadline for BA1a is quickly approaching. I wish to go through the rest in reading week commencing on the 14th November.


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