Mental asylum photographs

Here are some more images from the asylum we visited on Sunday. I still have quite a few raw HDR images to put together when i get a chance over reading week. Although the deadline is on Friday, I couldn’t resist editing some more of these.
IMG_1940 lowMiddle exposure camera settings for the above image: 10mm focal length, f/13, 1/8 second, ISO 100
IMG_1966 low

Camera settings: 10mm focal length, f/16, 30 Seconds, ISO 320

This scene was pitch black with only the door really you could see. I went around the hole scene with the flash on my phone lighting up the scene. The camera’s shutter was on 30 seconds and i was wearing black clothing therefore the camera didn’t pick me up, only where the phones flash was shining on. At the top of the image you see a light drawing from the phone where i turned around for a moment where the light shining from the touch directly hit the lens. Other than this, the image turned out pretty good in one exposure.

IMG_1973 low

Camera settings: 10mm focal length, f/9, 1/3 second, ISO 160

Image of the staircase that appears to be very damaged and tied up electrical cables.

IMG_1975 2 low

Camera settings: 10mm focal length, f/4.5, 0.4 Seconds, ISO 1000

Reason for the high ISO was because we were leaving at this point and I wanted to get a quick image of the staircase from this angle as it showed the whole scene, giving a better more accurate view of what we saw. The camera was on a tripod but not properly set up having the wall to the right of me as a rest and balance as i tried my best to capture a frozen image on 0.4 of a second. Luckily not much noise is present after reduction in this image despite shooting at ISO 1000.


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