Deadline week: Motivation update

Finally the 9th November 2015 has arrived, deadline week for the BA1a briefs to be handed in. After my asylum trip over the weekend I have been working countless hours at night to get my Logbook up to scratch. On Monday of this week, I had my tutorial session with Junkeo. Me and Junkeo are really getting on which I am extremely happy about and have done since day one. Although I turn up late to nearly every tutorial I have had with her, she still bizarrely sees something in me. Thing thing I love about Junkeo is the time she has for me, even when i can imagine her being stressed out with over 70 students she has to deal with.

Junkeo bluntly said if you hand in today, you’ll get, in her own words ‘an epic fail’. I took this with a pinch of salt but I also knew she wasn’t kidding. I needed this, I was looking for this. I sometimes wish I didn’t but I see very tight deadlines as a challenge and it is only when I am presented with something near impossible, I will set out to do the impossible and do it. She didn’t just tell me that i was going to fail we once again spoke about my photography desires and am I going to do it. Since the last time she saw my logbook and journal last week, she said she already sees a comeback Jordan coming and I can see it in her eyes that she knows I am going to do it.

It’s weird, if the deadline was in 3 weeks, i wouldn’t do anything… The deadline is in 3 days and I am straining myself to the limit every hour getting my work done because only now I see it as a challenge. I’ve also spoken to my Mum and Dad about this weirdness and they both said I’ve done it all my life and i haven’t even noticed. Something to definitely reflect upon during directed study week and change.

The main thing is! My motivation is back and I am going to complete my sketchbook in the little time I have. It’s a stressful time but it is for everyone, the ones who put the work, effort and time in are the only people who succeed. I am going to be one of those few.


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