Strong motivational and inspiring entrepreneur from my younger brother!

Me and my younger brother Jamie have always had big ambitions for our futures. He is currently playing football at Stalybridge Celtic, Manchester at academy level along side his BTEC in sport. When I was back at home we would have a coffee together in Costa every weekend maybe even more than once a week and look around the degrading Burnley town centre and wanted change, wanted to get out of here. Since I exceeded my own exceptions in my A Levels earlier this year, I haven’t had the desire I used to have. In a way I worked so hard to get to my number one university choice and then stopped working… with no desire or motivation. Jamie and I would watch and follow people on social media who have had recent success to feed us with motivation to better our futures, something I feel has been instilled from our Dad who is also a small entrepreneur always telling us ‘you work for what you get’.

This morning when I was half awake debating whether or not to get out bed, I randomly got a text from Jamie saying ‘Arvin Lal is on snapchat add him’. I initially thought ‘Who’s he?’. Then quickly remembered it was the entrepreneur and CEO of Shreds. Below is a screenshot of his Instagram page. He doesn’t boast about his success although his company is currently making millions in gross profit in recent years. He posts inspiring images of himself, his lifestyle and quotes to help keep other people motivated. Arvin works 18 hour days still despite his success because he is ‘always hungry for more’.

Links to his pages here:

Arvin Lal is very inspirational and has uplifted my mood massively when coming towards the deadline on Friday. To keep working and achieve, regardless of what you already have accomplished.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 18.21.34

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 17.09.49


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