Storehouse magazine meeting

Wednesday, 11th Novemeber.

On 22nd of October, I received an E-mail from James Cant about a great photography opportunity to get early published work. Below is a screenshot of the email.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 03.05.52

I replied straight away making sure I couldn’t miss this opportunity and knowing that nearly all the photography students will want to be a part of this. As it turned out only I turned up to the meeting by tracking down Matthew Longley in the student services office in the Saint Georges building as the time wasn’t stated on the email.

The meeting was relaxed with 7-8 students who are all apart of the Storehouse Magazine team discussing the next issue. I chipped in a few conversations about designs and stories that i felt was relevant from an outsiders perspective. I was straight up with them and told them if i didn’t like something, most probably because I felt comfortable with all the team there and the fact i was wearing my polo neck (turtle neck), which i always feel confident in. They all respected my opinion and my honesty and it got me some experience talking about designs, discussions and taking part in a team.

Being prepared and ready to show my ideas, I researched briefly a couple of food photographers i like and what ideas they have played around with what i thought really worked. The meeting was at half past 4 which if I showed them a picture of any kind of food that looked half decent, I’m sure they would like it being hungry… something I learnt from Scott Grummett when he came as a visiting lecture one Friday.

I showed them the websites below which are links to photographers and food images i really like and as a starting point for the madder market shoot. The whole grouped loved every image I showed them. – Used to show the students the restaurants current images. – Picture of food dish found on Google images – Marcus Nilsson, Food and advertising photographer. I liked the idea of him matching the colours of a dinner plate to a persons clothes, idea could be tweaked and played around with different objects. – My favourite food photographer and huge inspirations in photography since his lecture and group crit i had with him. He photographs food with quality, where everything is perfect. – Food photographer David Munns, I loved his splash imagoes pasta which i feel has an autumn vibe to it. Perfect for this.

After hearing conversations and pitching in, i also came away with a few things i learnt and words I’ve never heard of but seen photographically like the word ‘Knelling’. Below are links that i had open after asking the students what certain things were. – Worth looking into at some point, advertising platform.

google search: food photography documentary

google search: Knolling – ‘is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organisation.’ (Verb: Knoll) – Wikipedia. – Minimalistic photographs of objects, interesting upwards, down facing compositions of objects, could be an idea for food…

Overall, good experience in a magazine team meeting today. Julia Clark added me on Facebook to contact me about the shoot and to organise a meeting with the restaurant to see what they want. She mentioned we need to give it a creative and art twist, not just boring commercial food photography. Should be investing in the next couple of weeks. Really happy and chuffed about this opportunity.

IMG_2156 LOW

Image above is one i tested out of my own cooked pasta it took a couple of hours before the meeting.


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