Kasia Wozniak – Guest speaker

Wet Plate Collodion, worked with it for 5-6 years. Started in her final year of university, throughout her studies, she wanted to find something she was fascinated by making something.

“Each answer remains in force as an answer only as long it is rooted in questioning” – Fried, M.

Fashion and portraiture, when it comes to fashion, she likes to meet people and photograph them on the streets, Kasia doesn’t photograph models constantly.

45 sec-1 minute exposures, 12 photographs a day, shows the movement of the model especially in her Dapper Dan work.

she feels she can build a relationship with someone on the street quicker than someone who is used to being photographed.

Anything can go wrong at each stage.

She started photographing men, she can connect quicker with them than women, and it was accidental that it works.







Instagram: Kasiawozniak
Twitter: KasiaWetPlate



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