Started Instagram account and more inspiration

In the new year, branding and getting my work out into the interweb is my main concern/goal. I use the word concern because it’s something I have never done, yet with my business background and ICT background, raises a question I ask myself ‘Why haven’t I?’. If the images I take are just sitting on my hard drive, nobody is going to see them. Perhaps I haven’t shot as much as i do now therefore the social networks i start won’t be constantly updated, A-levels took up my entire life and i had work. I wasn’t really focusing at all on my Photography like i am now…

But now and in the quickly coming new year, I am going to start posting at least once a day on my social network accounts, start a website and get my content out there. One reason why I may not have done this in the past is because it is extremely hard to get a following on social media when first starting out. It is only because of a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk (See screenshot from google below) why I started recently to consider posting my images. His own business which is hugely successful ‘VaynerMedia’ is a social networking agency for businesses to grow through a variety of social outlets.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.34.18.png

[Update] Below is a screenshot of my Instagram account (jordanhudson17) as of 2nd of January. Reason for this to show my recent followers and street photographs I have been taking.

12477183_10204126677567220_1394378433_o.jpg  12469974_10204126677687223_1247001512_o.jpg









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