Tech work shop week 13

In todays workshop, we learnt hard light and what effects it can have in the studio. Hard light often brings in a lot of shadow to an image, using this to its advantage, can create harsh, powerful images of people’s portraits.

The image (right) is the final of what me, Beth and Isaac achieved. We used a snoot to create the harsh light on the left hand side to Beth’s face, using another ‘fill’ light to bring out the rest of her face a bit more. The image in my opinion could still be harsher, placing more direct hard light onto the subject. I feel comparing it to the images on the hand out, looks too soft, therefore needs more consideration with light, not necessarily the light attachment, but placing and positioning.

The image on the left is one of our first attempts at using hard light. We used two lights on the backdrop to light the white background evenly as we could whilst using a snoot to direct hard light onto the subject. This worked but again looking back could be a lot harsher. The black backdrop on the (right) image is much more creative and dramatic, making the image overall a lot darker, giving the expression of slightly spooky and scary.
beth middle imageWeek 13 final


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