Exhibition text

Philosophy on Life?


Building relationships, sharing stories and philosophies.


The concept for this idea came from watching an interview with American photographer Stephen Shore. He told a story where he got in a cab in New York city and got asked by the cab driver ‘What’s your philosophy on life?’. Since watching this video, I have been intrigued in this question wondering what people’s philosophies are, what they live by day in and day out. People, workers, students, you and I all have something in common, which is that we are unique in many ways living totally distant and different lives, yet we all live in the same world, city or even workplace.


This short eight-piece exhibition is to document the people I photographed in a way I haven’t previously done before. To communicate a small part of their lives to others and gain a little insight into their true personalities. Displayed in a Diptych format, the images on the left are taken after I have asked for permission, on the right-hand side are photographs where me and the person have built a relationship, mutual trust and gained an insight into one another’s lives, presented along with one direct quote from themselves.


In summary, the direct quote along with the two images are to gain an insight into their lives, self-reflect, to tell short stories and show empathy to them, knowing that we are all living the same life, but by different ways.


Jordan Hudson


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