Emma Tunbridge- Guest Lecture

Emma Tunbridge
E-Mail: emma@emmatunbridge.co.uk

This couldn’t have came at a better time!

I have a kids fashion commission shoot coming up in the coming days and to listen to Emma this morning was insightful. I also went to the group crit afterwords.

Here are notes I got from the lecture….

Assisting is the greatest thing about your degree

One day she was shooting and asked on gumtree who wanted to pose nude. Testing with other shoots with kids, she found a visual language. To shoot kids as a business was a financial one. She was doing still life before to kids fashion. She could see the top 50 kids fashion photographers, agents and moved forward.

Studied at Southampton.

Do lots of things with your degree, and she assisted and travelled. sent CVs out loads of time feeling rubbish and worked at a call centre for 5 years.

6months in, a friend in London recommended she use their address, first CV sent she got a job. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE POSTCODE

Studio assistant: 6-midnight, making and getting coffee, painting walls and cleaning up but she was MEETING PEOPLE, lighting assistant: doing the lighting for them.

Digital operator: dealing with computers and cameras

The advice in the group crit

I told her that I had a commission shoot coming up, she helped me massively. She told me what to ask before the shoot and what to seriously consider;

if i need to bring models or she using her own,
AOP for model and property realse forms,
disscuss rights management before shooting and charge for billboard size and above,
only send JPEGS with copyright mark,
make sure the area you are shooting is accident free,
make sure you get sizes 4-5 years, reason for this  because younger years are a nightmare to work with,
Ask if theres plug sockets,
Mention in writting that only JAX AND HEDLEY can use the images under the terms, online, print for direct mail, leafets, print big (requires charge),

People she mentioned in lecture

Sophie Broadbridge – Canon Uk

Ben Stockley – London Helipad

Tif Hunter – cars

Very – 4th year of assisting doing digital operating in cape town. – Simon Lipman

Production assistants – email agency’s

Use AOP for legal advice


Jason Knott


Assisting is the key to get in, diversity is also the key

She recommended in the group crit to use these sites below to gain an income in photography:

Image Breif

Image Source


Finding Babies – Facebook group, person invite



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