First commerical advertising shoot!

Today was a very nerve-racking and fun day at Louise’s apartment. For the first time in my life I am shooting advertisement images for someone I don’t personally know.

A lot of preparation went into today from the week prior. I have spent at least 2 hours a day with Mike (technician) learning how to hi key lighting from behind the subject to match the reference images Louise have me to match.

Louise is the solo director of a baby fashion clothing company and is in its first year of business. I jumped at this unexpected opportunity when I approached her and ask to take her son’s photograph for my roommate Alice Cave’s design project. She mentioned how her professional photographer is tied up at the minute and needs some fashion images for her Paris trade show next week (week commencing 24th January 2016) and I said “What if I could shoot the images for free and in a quick turn around time?” And she said that would be great.

Today the shoot when well and everything Mike has taught me I prepared for and took on board in this shoot. Blair (second year pal) is a top PAL in assisting me in this shoot and helped my nerves.

Image below is of the equipment I took with me:








Favorite images from the shoot:


_A0A5403 A web

_A0A5361 A web

_A0A5332.jpgAbove is an image of the set up, with Blair Assisting me.


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