First assisting job and week reflection

Time to reflect…

It’s Saturday, the 23rd of January and I have had a jam packed week. Monday started with non-stop practicing with 4 speed lights in preparation for the baby fashion shoot I did for Louise. Tuesday consisted of an early gym session, tech workshop on indirect lighting which I thoroughly enjoyed, a great one-to-one with Matt and adjusting my day as Louise changed the shoot to Wednesday. After the shoot I spent the rest of the day with the technicians and in the dark room retouching the images. Thursday and Friday were the biggest, most nerve-racking and exciting days I have had since I started shooting with a camera.

Scott Grummet who graduated from NUA 6 years ago and is now a successful contemporary commercial food photographer. I got a random text message the Saturday before from him asking if I wanted to ‘shoot some food’ (screenshot below). I also didn’t know it was for the butter brand Lurpak and that I’d be part of the crew, or getting paid!

I loved it. I was the second assistant being a runner for Katie and Jaz (the home economist and He assistant), Sam (first assistant) and for Scott. My main tasks were setting up equipment and lighting, making tea and coffees, talking to the clients making sure they were always happy, setting out food, and doing jobs for people. One of the most exciting jobs I did was to jump in a black cab to Maxtons (a fish shop in Camden) to pick up three cod loins. Reason why this was exciting is because I’ve never been in a black cab before in London.

Everyone said what an amazing help I had been over the two days. Scott said I’ve been ‘a hero’, Katie the home economist wants to work with me again and told me to get in touch on LinkedIn, the clients said I made the best coffees, and Scotts agency wants me on the database for photographer assistants.

I have learnt so much, more than I ever have about Photography. How clients, graphic designers and the photographer communicate within a photo shoot, the pressure that he had, how he delt with it, and how he photographed the subject, more importantly how to organise a team.

I can not wait to assist again especially after Scotts agent told me that at the end of the day, hopefully I get more jobs through this not for the money, but the experience and a solid platform to build relationships.



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