Seb Atkinson Digital Executive at Selesti

Notes from Brainchild lecture:

81% shoppers conduct online research before buying. – GE capital bank study, 2013

selling on website: WooCommerce, Ebay, Shopify (£5/month) paypal gateway easy to get started


Search marketing, SEO. PAID, pay per click.

Get the word out to relevant bloggers. to link back to your website. Get active on social.

Spending money on adwords – use analytics

Afterwards, I got chance to sit down with Seb and review my online presence and social media marketing. He said everything is in place for a good social presence which I was happy with that comment. He mentioned things like Google Analytics which I am already using on my website. There wasn’t much to improve upon which wasn’t a bad thing. I told him that I’ve been wathcing and listening to marketer and SEO Gary Vee (mentioned him in a pervious post) who he is also a massive fan off. He said he could tell I have being on top of my game. In December, I had no sign of my work anywhere online. Now I have more than 4 social medias and portfolio websites, my own website and active on my email.

Basically, I’m being to thing further than my next shoot/next blog post/next logbook entry/next workshop session. I’m trying to get a foothold in the market so that I am 100% prepared for when I go out there. I want to be at a level where I can start up from the end of year 1 (even though I’m doing three years here). I want to be in a postition where I understand the market enough to go into it, have a up to date, wide social media presence, equipment and experiance from assisting.

I’m half way there, being the most proactive person I can be will determine the success of myself, and also how fast it comes. Staying humble, staying confident and constantly learning, is also important.


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