Digital Imaging – Guest Lecture

Professional printing lab for 30 years. Specialised in low volume fine art photographic printing.

Based in London, small company.

Preparing for exhibitions 

Important to promote your work and name, showing the best reincarnation of your work.

Showing people the decisions you made throughout the presentation of your exhbition.

Producing test prints.

Time it takes: 6 weeks in preparation

Mounting: 5-10 days, Framing: 3 weeks

Costs, aesthetics, practicalities, cost of paper is decided on how much input you want the printers to have…

Most popular: C-Type – industry standard.

Mounting and framing is just as expensive as printing.

Ask about lighting.

NEW TYPE of printing: Direct to media – printing inkjet like print onto any flat surface such as a slate. – I would love to print on wood with a frame.

Service to sell prints on your own website, acts as a plugin.

Prof. Steve Macleod’s talk:

Director at Metro Imaging, working with photography for 30 years, lecturer at UEA.

Faced with times of risk as photographers, calculate the risk and what you are gaining from an opportunity. Signing contracts, what are you actually signing up for? And if there isn’t a contact, why isn’t there a contract? When having a contacts, weigh up what you are losing and what you are gaining. Always evaluate the risk when signing up a contact such as Getty.

When going into commercial, the contracts can make or break you. 

Library London – Private photography club, covenant garden.

Pop-up exhibition, evaluate quickly is this possible.

Can you do this? – Responding quickly, weigh up pros and cons. Maybe leads to more conversation. Let’s meet to discuss it…

Evaluate the risk, worth and value of doing things.

“If no-one dies, or you don’t lose a client, you are always learning. take opportunities, everything along the way will help you in your job.”



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