Food Photography practice 3

Just in time before the Maddermarket kitchen shoot, I practiced the techniques I was going to use on the day of the shoot. With my own cooking and Joe Erica’s help as an assistant, I attempted photographing my own food in my kitchen.

The results are below where I took an overhead shot of my cooking and a composite shot of  food dropping on the plate. I think the results we got were good. I felt more than prepared to go into the shoot with a much more professional mindset thanks to practice after practice. Before this which is not documented in this journal, I cooked my tea every night for a two weeks and took photographs of it on the table and kitchen worktops, sometimes with the addition of 1-3 speed lights, constantly learning first hand how to use the flashlights to a level where I am not fiddling about, therefore looking professional as possible approaching the Madermarket Kitchens shoot.

Borrowed: 5D, Tripod, Speedlight kit.


_34A8382 second base web

_34A8436 web


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