Mid-Term review

This will be a memorable day for me. After a shocking presentation and turning up late, Andi said I had ‘failed’. As soon as he said that to me, the word Fail felt like it didn’t stop being repeated. It was hard, and standing in front of a group having this word repeatedly in my head, my powerpoint being the worst, and 4 of my peers watching me about to break down. It was hard to keep composure and to remain calm in front of everyone but I just about managed too. Oli Stockwell came over who knows what I’m like, I’m proud of my work and when it’s not done to standard, no matter how much I told myself it didn’t matter, hurt. He said ‘Don’t worry about it’ and there I was worrying.

“Have I failed then?”

– Andi ‘I’ll have to speak to Junkeo about it’

It’s funny. I went in with my usual attitude, I have been busy lately with outside uni work, therefore little presentations like this I put to the back of my to-do list because it wasn’t important to me. I didn’t take it serious, when this was the problem. I was doing well outside uni that I felt like I didn’t need to do uni work. After the presentation I had a breakdown and Issac thankfully stayed behind. I learned a lot in this day. I learnt who my true friends are, to take uni work more seriously even if I am busy outside it.

Failure. No matter how small it meant, no matter how little it meant to my grade… to me it still meant a lot, it mean I’d failed. Looking back I was amazed at how upset I was over something so small… I guess it shows that I do take pride in everything I do, even if it was a 5 minute powerpoint.

I had done all the work, just not put it together in a powerpoint. Afterwards speaking to Andi, James, Isaac. I did a powerpoint for Junkeo the week after that she said was one of the best ones she’s seen and well presented.

I’ve learned to take uni more seriously (even if it’s a boring presentation because I will hurt myself), failure leads to success, and keep my true friends close.


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