Martini Product shot

Final web

After I shot the Smirnoff vodka bottle, I got a lot of good feedback from everyone. My friends and peers on the course was shocked at how well i got the shot, and tutors Richard and Andi approved it. It was a simple set up, three speed lights, a tripod, 70D + 100-300mm lens, a table, my portfolio box for the black backdrop. The lights are in the same position as the Smirnoff to give two neat glows on the edges of the wine bottle.

I wanted to match the quality of this product photographer Dan Tobin Smith (attached image below). I feel to match this quality, I’m not far off but with more practice and more control of the light, I’ll be able to reach this quality.

I wanted to take these shots coming from the non-direct lighting workshops we had with Richard. I enjoyed the challenge of not having light spots on reflective surfaces like wine bottles and when crafted, makes a really well lit and controlled image.



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