Timelapse – Carpark series

I’ve begun a new project for me to start working on.

The goal is to perform a time-lapse on every car park in Norwich. I love a good time lapse which has grown and keeps growing from watching Casey Niestat’s videos on YouTube every day. His filmmaking skills seem to impress me every day with his time-lapses being a key part of his everyday upload. Not letting perfection be the devil/enemy of the good, I have decided to get out there and start doing time lapse no matter.

This will help me get familiar with film making on my camera, editing and processing film on my computer, ready for year 2’s moving image project. I also realise that every photographer are becoming videographers. In order to make sure I’m ready for the industry and to persuade clients to choose me over who I am competing with, video is a route to new doors and end products for clients, not just stills.

Below is my first timelapse video I’ve ever made*. These birds tend to do the same pattern every day above the bus station. Jake who I live with taught me how to speed the video up in post.

Tried to upload the video but WordPress doesn’t support video.*


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