Jillian Edelstein – Guest Lecture

07973 520474

Jillian studied photo journalism at LCC, dropped out and got picked up by The Sunday times magazine.

Above are the only notes I wrote about her in the lecture we had. I put my laptop lid down and just watched the slideshow she put on for us. Her portraits I think are incredible which I can learn a lot from if I want to go down the editorial route. If i get a chance to assist her, It will be the start of a new route, photographing portraits in an editoral style. I can do practice shots in the studio about someone I meet on the street who has a story and get my graphic designer Alice Cave to produce a mock up cover to replicate a well known magazine. From there I can send this off to magazine editors everwhere to start getting work and networking.

I keep in contact with Jillian, I met her again in London and we were discussing Photography for my career. She sees the ambition and passion in me (email below). She’s inspirational to me for the documentary scene I’m thinking of going into and producing portraits for magazines and newspapers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 16.10.27.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 16.16.03.png


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