Creative meet up duke street

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 19.29.26

Today, I went to the creative industry meet up to talk and network with businesses and people who are already in the market. This was a fantastic opportunity to practice and put my communication skills to the test. I felt I did well, spoke well and confidently showing my personal website more than twice to people. At the end of the conversation or mid-way, they would pass on their business cards to me which I then followed them up with an email.  It’s that simple to make connections in this industry whether it be a publisher, a photographer or studio, talking right, being and looking professional and having the right things to say are key to getting along with some key people that can start my career or help and advice it. Talking to people that are older than me, people who have lived it I find is incredibly important for me to learn and not make the mistakes they did.


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