Guest Lecture: Carl Bigmore
+44 (0) 7733090631

A fantastic lecture with imagery around the subject genre Documentary which i throughourly enjoyed, was unforutnatly ruined by where I was sat. Normally, I sit on my own with my laptop fully engaged to the photographer. This time, I sat with Oli and Kieran who I’m getting close with and got held up with some messing around, which followed a meeting with James and James.

However I did nothing wrong. Kieran threw some paper at Esme, Oli couldnt wisper for the life in him and I just laughed at them both. With the meeting we had from both James’, it’s ovbious that what we (they) did was hugely disrespectful to the lecturer which I fully understand. I’ll be sitting on my own in the future lectures like i normally do to avoid distraction and make sure i get everything the guests are telling us. They tell us so much valuable infomation and play a huge part in my development personally. Most of the guests that come in, i go to the crit afterwoods to build my network and learn more from them.


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