Norwich Fashion Week

Following London fashion week and the amazing experience we got offered from canon, I wanted to pursue it further having a slight, almost hidden interest in fashion photography. I kept seeing NFW 2016 signs in every shop window in Norwich and wondered if it was big, small and more importantly, whose photographing it!

I managed to get in touch with the PR organiser of the event via email sending her my folio from LDN fashion week. Kassia Chatting ( got back in touch saying that she will speak about it in a meeting. Hearing a week later, I got offered a contract to shoot for Norwich fashion week which was amazing news for me. Also, Photography year 2 student Kerry Kurl who I had only met once through showing her my work being exhibited at The Open, is on the panel for NFW and wanted me to shoot the Behind the Scenes instead of shooting the show. This was huge for me. I can capture candid portraits of people in a fashion, commercial context.


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