Reflection upon Food photography progress


Image left, 11th November
Image right, 16th Febuary

The left image was taken before the meeting I attended with storehouse for an opportunity to shoot for Maddermarket Kitchens in Norwich. This was taken with no lighting and was one of my first food pictures I have ever taken with no research or practice. Now months on when I shot for Maddermaket, it’s quite impressive where I’ve come from. Lighting, compostion, background, colour, added elements around the plate and presentation of the meal is all considered compared to the first image. Practicing once, twice a day with my own food is where I’ve learnt the most of my knowledge from. Practicing where to bounce and direct light towards the food, considering what’s around the plate is what I’ve learnt the most. When assisting Scott, one huge factor I learned was the preperation and cleanliness of everything that was in the shot. The food had to be cooked perfectly looking its best and everything was wiped down.

I feel I’ve come along way in my food photography. I can now produce professional shots for resturants with the knowledge I have gained. After year 1 is over, I’m going to hit up every resturant in Norwich asking them if they would like food photographs for their menus and for promotional uses. Brick fire pizza have already said yes and im looking forward to producing food images for small businesses.


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