Playhouse exhibition

Whilst browsing social media, I found a post from Norwich Playhouse looking for art work to exhibit. I got an email across to them straightaway. I also mention Kieran McMullan to Emily (playhouse coordinator) to get his work featured as I know his quality and landscape work.

Taking on board what James A Grant said, It’s about creating your own luck and being proactive. This is exactly what I am doing clinching every opportunity I can get my hands on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 21.12.29

After meetings with Emily, we were set to exhibit however the dates she had given me for the group exhibition was when I Was back home in Manchester for the easter break. Unfortunately, I or anyone I knew couldn’t put up the work for me and I wasn’t able to exhibit. However, I’ve had two exhibitions within the last two months and I was able to take this as ‘it happens’, to move on and let me focus on my coursework.

13054846_10204776308767594_17412509_oPlayhouse booklet featuring an exhibition column ‘NUA Student Show’.


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