New personal project: Bus station portraits

Bus station portraits is the start of a new personal project for me. The area is literally a one minute walk from my accommodation where I see lots of people waiting for their buses. Every time I’ve walked passed, The wooden fence I think makes a good backdrop.

There’s many ways this project can go. It could just be portraits of people like below which are not set up. Or I could go up to them first, introduce myself and ask them what they’re doing, where they’re going and then set up a portrait after.

I’m really interested in the latter and then including the infomation I had gathered as a caption for example:

(Portrait of person waiting for bus, set up looking at the camera)

John, Norwich Bus Station,
Waiting for Bus 8,
Meeting his Grandma for coffee
Wednesday, 10th April, 2016.

Something like the above is what I want to do along with a portait. I think it has potential but I wont know for sure until I try it, set the shot, get the info for the caption and print it as a double page spread. From there, I can show people and myself asking them if it works and more importantly, if people want to see it. I’ve gotten the idea from passing the area more than twice a day and inspirtation from Niall Mcdiarmid.

This could expand to going to different bus stations like Niall’s project did.

IMG_7414 web.jpg


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