Stared Cargo Collective account

My page:

After talking to a year two graphics student Matt Longley who I worked with on the storehouse collaboration, he recommended this site for another online presence i can upload my work to. You can only get an account with cargo if someone invited you in. Matt gave me a link so that I can create an account.

The website is perfect for uploading a collection of images from a project/personal project or photo shoot like my Norwich Fashion images to be used as a portfolio. This keeps my personal website clean with 8-10 images from each project. But when a client wants to see a full collection from a project. I can send them my cargo site which sets out my work perfectly for them to absorb tens/hundreds of images from one project/work.

After hand in, I will be uploading some projects and commission jobs I have done arranged into mini portfolios to show clients the full project instead of 8-10 best images on my website. This will help secure me projects in the future and commission jobs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 15.41.50.png


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