Instagram update

I started Instagram in late December/January starting to promote my work on my social medias to start creating a following, a brand and somewhere people, clients, and potential clients can see my work easily, to the public. I made myself a promise to post at least once a day. Upon reflection, it’s been hard to post every day because their’s a specific time to post where the audience size is going to be quite big (e.g. dinner time compared to 9 in the morning). Although I haven’t posted every day, I have made it my best effort to update my account at least a week which I have achieved. I see this as work, not ‘messing around on Instagram’.

When I have spare time now, I am constantly seeing new work from people in the same genre that I like/shoot either following inspirational people or searching for the hashtags I use. I’ve started to spend at least 10 minutes a day commenting, interacting and liking other people’s images like street photography and portrait work. I see it as incredibly important work that everyone should do. I’m gathering inspiration, building relationships (emailing them after I comment on their work) asking to meet up with them, and making my work available to people. Below is a screenshot of my Instagram profile when i started posting every day, compared to now. It’s interesting to not the like count I used to get and follower count I have now compared to a few months ago. Already I have growth with my images going from 20-24 likes to averaging 60-70 likes a post. This is only by spending 10 minutes a day, imagine the growth if I devoted 1 hour a day to this. I started this to also get my photography mojo back giving me an excuse to shoot the street every day…

Screenshot from previous post: 2nd January 2016,

Screenshots as of 19th April 2016

It’s been one of the most important decisions I could have made, improving my work ethic, photography skill, building relationships on the street and improving my portraiture work.


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