Evaluation of my mental ‘bad place’

I’ve mentioned that I wasn’t in a good place to many of the tutors (Junkeo, Andi, Matt, Richard). I mentioned it in my Narrative project evaluation (slide 123) and I wanted to build upon it one last time, to explain, to show where I’ve progressed from and for me, to stay humble.

The reason I was not in a ‘good place’ before the start of this project (narrative), is because of this:

‘Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good’

I let professional photographers, my inspirations, people I looked up to, be a devil. I saw it as an impossible goal to reach their level of creativity and professional standard. This made me not want to shoot. I made excuses… ‘I don’t have my own lighting, I don’t even own a flashgun’ ‘I only have a crop sensor’ ‘I only have one lens which is a 50mm’ ‘I’m not that confident’ ‘I’m not feeling it today’. ALL OF THESE EXCUSES HELD ME BACK from what I ‘thought’ was what I wanted to do. But something happened. I turned it around. Instead of thinking ‘I can’t do a portrait like that’. I thought ‘I’m going to try and get a portrait like that today’… and it’s gone from there ever since. Going out and trying, getting a shot that I liked and then building on it made me better… instead of researching, not shooting and getting frustrated comparing my level to theirs.

Stupidly enough, all i had to do was try and get out there shooting the streets.

Never let perfect be the enemy of the good.


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