Learning to love to lose


I’ve learned to love losing (on a micro level). Losing/failure gives me so much more of a drive to improve and deliver something better next time for the audience. Before my motivation levels and my drive were like they are and before listening to Gary Vee (screenshot above), I used to dwell so much on failure, get upset, get attached to my work, and not improve. This is with everything in life that went ‘wrong’ weather this is Sainsbury’s not having chocolate croissants or an argument with my girlfriend. I always took time to not improve or change. Whereas now I don’t dwell for one second. I act, I adapt, I change, because I know it’s the best thing to do, change = Improvement.

Sainsbury’s don’t have croissants? = Go Tescos.

Girlfriend argues = What can we do together to move forward?

Tutors don’t like my work = Okay, What can I do to improve today, tomorrow, the next 5 years.

I’m starting to love losing and always improving to be the best.



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