Luke Stephenson

Guest lecture, 7th October 2016.

Studied at Blackpool uni, project messed about alot, tried things out, at the end she did a project called sceptical wearing folk

chefs: hats they wear


world beard and moustache championship portraits,

package it up and send it out to art editors and art directors after he’d finish a personal project

clown egg register

help the aged

darts – brided someone he knew with prints to get a press pass, 3 days

an incomplete dictionary of show birds – 3 years, longest project

got into foam magazine:

got into photographers gallery after foam, got a phone call

Stephen gill – does his own books, shown him the book design and he said to do it your self if you’ve got a designer.

set up as a publisher on a website and get an ISBN number, 1,000 in uk £5k, itilaiy belgime: £3,4k china: £2.5k

china: took a year to make it and ship.

new series, hasnt shot for 5 years of birds, volume: no.2

After birds, he likes repetition, the same thing but loads of them.

cornflakes in a box: one morning realised cornflakes were like snowflakes, and asked him self how many are in a box, bought a box and spent a week of his life shooting cornflakes 8 hours a day for a week. produced a short film.

bought polaroid big shot camera, andy warhole used it to take pictures of celeb, hes done 2,000 polaroids,

again repututation in style, compostion and alot of the same.


giuseppe – hairdresser last buinsess left on a high street, photographed and documenting,

biocannia – 25% of what you make, agent. advertisting job, shot dogs for a french phasmutical company. they like to suit you into a catagory, give dogs cheese and theyll do anything.

agi + sam lookbooks

Fashion desinger mate, every season,

from that and birds, stylist from the sunday times asked him to replicate a fake prada cat picture, this level of editorial was qutie good for budget, pay for colarms, lights, studio, retouching, models, cats,

got alot of fashion work with sunday times.

sony – testing new camera, they gave him money to do 10 fashion essentials,

from that he got a job from jigsaw after seeign the green back, black turtle neck,


advertising agency like to see you can do what they ant,

Mentos job, shit job but paid,

cider for a fiver – little magazine, for nothign but you can do what you want. photograpjed cheep bottles of cider. law magazine – free –

fun with

feelings magazine, next issue on sxience, spent a day doing children exp3ricents,

from es magazine, – fashiojon inlfusents by sony one.

Personal projcet: mind that child – saw a stream of ice cream vans from the cash and carry after a bit of time of meeting him, he set up and let him borrow a 6-7 ice cream cans .

99x99s – started to think about ice creams, culturaly, seaside: fish and chips + 99 ice cream.

kickstarter to develop his ice cream book. endeaver!!

pizzas – another sily personal project, rang up pizza places to deliver izzas, gve them a tip if they came in and photogrpahed them, alogn witb the pizza, no one really liked it but he loved it.

LAW Magazine:


Gemma tickle still life:

Rachel Thomas:

anna lomax







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