Holly guest lecture

Grew up in the west Country

First wanted journalist

Guest jobs: Devia gay times

Quit magazine to start assisting, working in cs in the evening to assist for free in the day. Met guy in party to work in a magazine for three issues.

You do you – Ny mag

Studios in london: Big guy or spring

What do you like about someone’s photography ‘I found this project inspiring or I really loved this’
Tim walker

Cv – shouldn’t have shoots I do, and list, should be who you’ve assisted, uni, languages

Put website, but they’re not nteretred
Studios who’ve worked for

Lghting used

Make it quick, breif,

Love agencies??


Go to events

Lot of people give u advice, take it with a pinch of salt, be simicle 

Find magazine you love, don’t reply, go for it again a few months later

Website is very clear, no fuss, images load fast, contact detsils in a minute, on mobile, access bale? 

Right rates: 
Big commisin: ring aop and photography agency for advice

Don’t be arrgent enough to say I always shoot on film/like this..

Know how everything works 


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