Week 7: Professional Contexts


– Discuss your work and aspirations in respect of all the sectors discussed in the lecture.

– Explain whether you would want to work in each sector.

– Consider the relevance of your work to each sector.

– Find potential professional contexts for your work from at least 3 of the following 5 sectors: Design Groups, Advertising Agencies, Editorial, Fashion, Music.

– Give actual names and contact details of the individuals you would like to see your work.

– Using visual references from the company, explain why the commissioning contacts you have identified might commission you. Why you and not another photographer?

– Give examples of work they commission in which your photography would be valuable.


Start of task:

Currently, I’m heading towards the editorial, advertising and contract publishing areas of photography to make a sustainable business model after university. I also think the genre in which I specialise in won’t be cemented until the end of third year. For the business side, my aspirations are to be a Portrait photographer for magazines, corporate magazines, below and above advertising segments. Personally for myself, I want to be curating documentary oeuvres that investigate areas of live I find of interest, build and develop multiple good documentary photo essays to then inform my professional practice and the clients I shoot for.

I want to work in editorial shooting people’s portraits because of my ability to get along with a person in front of me easily, well and very quickly. I get excited when I am able to shoot a person in front of me along with a story or interview for example. Areas I would avoid are music, strongly PR, and commercial galleries. These areas are of very little money making. PR I find incredibly annoying. Fashion I also know is a highly competitive market along with little pay, however I find the genre interesting, it’s an extension to the person wearing it, for me not a full career in but might dip into it with fashion weeks. Stock imaging is of course not without criticism with a small fraction going to the photographer, for a little income every month it’s still something worth doing on the side.

Professional contexts for the whole of my current work (on my website) would sit in the regions of Editorial, Advertising, Fashion and Contract publishing.

ID Magazine:

John Lewis
John Brown Media: Andrew.Hirsch@johnbrownmedia.com

Abbott  mead Vickers BBDO
Art Production:



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