Motivational cycling moving image idea

Tom Yiangou is a professional cyclist who I know from getting into contact with and shooting him for the visual coherent series from the first brief of BA2a.

Shot of Tom from the project below:

20161216 uni TomYiangou 55 web.jpg

I’ve got an idea.

I love sport, health, running, gym and a new love since September (because the walk to uni is too much) cycling.

It’s something I feel greatly about and simply me telling people (my flat mates, relationship, friends) they don’t get motivated by me doing sport, which of course i don’t expect. However, I would find a whole new level of accomplishment and joy if i used my creativity and skillset to try and motivate people to improve their body, their stamina, their mindset, that ultimately affects every other aspect in their lives… and that’s what i get the most joy out of.

I love making an impact on others around me, my personality, my approach. The vibes that it gives off and helps others be a little more positive. A great reference to this happening already is in the lighting workshops on a Monday morning. People are down and not 100% and i feel I have all this energy, i share it and get the others going.

Relating this back to the idea, I want to create an influential cycling moving image that once watched inspires many. With collaboration with Tom, it could start to be a small video of him cycling and everyday prep (e.g. shakes) shot in a sunrise, yellowness that gives off happiness and inspiration. This could then lead to getting contacts with his cycling team VELO. Offering something for them/sponsors and me because I’d like to produce such content and be paid for it. Again, of course, I can’t think of it as A leads to B leads to C. It may only go as far as a video that didn’t quite grasp the attention and tug the heart strings… or it well could and lead to a whole project of inspiration.

For now, as much as i want to contact Tom right away and sell him the idea which from building  a repour with him he will more than take part, it will have to wait until hand in…

Excited to shoot and plan it though.

Visual and audio references to make this idea come together.

Casey Neistat (mentioned before, huge moviemaker and vlogger on the platform Youtube, created many running videos for himself, his following and sports brand Nike. The way he cuts video and produces is fantastic.

Chase Jarvis (world famous photographer) now focuses on motivating others through his venture Creative Live.

Music I listen to in my not so many genres of music, EDM style named ‘Higher’ by Jauz and Netsky. This song can lift my mood from morbid, tired, going to sleep, to lets get this shit done. (Quite important when lifting other people’s moods)

Wes Knight – Ex professional footballer, started a podcast in personal development, mentorship and motivation. – Audioboom link:






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