Crit with Andi

3rd Febuary 2017

During my crit with Tim Clark, Andi came in and asked if I had time to have a look at my work after overhearing the conversations i was having with Tim. I hadn’t realised it had been a year since i had shown him my work and i was excited to get his take, however…

We sat down and went through my portfolio website. It was what I really needed, someone to pick at each image instead of a guest lecturer coming in saying it’s really good work. He picked every image and said on the lines of ‘yeah this could be better, this is not as good..this doesn’t work’. Honest feedback for the first time being here (on my website portfolio anyway).

His Comments: 

You need to get better at lighting. Control it more, even natural light how are you controlling it.

Reflectors to get a catch light in the eyes, it’s what I’m missing the most.

‘There’s no reason you can’t be the next Stefan Ruiz’ Andi said to me. ‘You remind me of him so much.’This was good to hear and we sat looked at his work, made links, made where i need to improve and a youtube video that shows how he works, lighting portraits in the street, pitch black using a backdrop, film 5×4 and lighting. – ‘The Mexican’

‘You need to hold off’ Research thoroughly on how you want the portrait to look the next day, exactly how you wanted it.

Creating drama with light, colour in light.

Lighting on the environment, what you want to show and tell.

Using diffusers California sun bounce on outdoor shoots.

Tone curves – I said I’m already using these and learning how they impact, he said ‘see you’re already doing it, you’re on the way there.’Ross uses tone curves ask him about how he uses his, andi also mentioned.

‘Out of all the elements that make a great image, you’re just missing little elements, little things each time. Once you get all these elements in an image you’re there.’

How to light portraits when the subject is wearing glasses. Move the light directly across him instead of forward.


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