Who I’m looking at today

Might create a new blog style called ‘Who I’m looking at today’

I spend alot of time which i should organise and spend less time doing, looking at other photographers and seeing what they’ve done. But after I’ve researched them and got all their social medias up, I forget and don’t write a thing down.

I’ll look at someone, go through their feeds, go ‘ohh that looks good, who collaborated with that?’ find a designers page, maybe an agency, find other photographers from that, which all get left up on a safari tab.

So, the first blog post of ‘Who am i looking at today’. Main purpose of this is for reference and searchable reference at a later date.

  1. Lee Kirby, Photographer, Graduate from NUA . Known at uni for the London Grammar CD cover he produced. Friends with Scott Grummett.
  2. Lillia, Graphic Designer, Graduate from NUA
  3. Louisa Parry, Photographer, Impeccable Still life,
  4. Process photography agency – Simon Webb shoots with marilyn http://www.processphotography.co.uk/news/2016/08/simon-webb-shoots-with-marilyn

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