New generation of Suburban Photography

I came across this article from my emails where I have subscribed to weekly inboxes of inspiration from Format magazine. When doing the usual flick through and delete, I stopped when I saw the image with the title which instantly reminded me subconsciously of my research into the landscape area of this brief.

In the artcle, Jill references the objective landscape work back to the 1970’s when the New Topographic exhibition came out which he is rightly to do so. The work of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Stephen Shore, Ed Rushca’s gas stations are prime examples of New Topographic photography. The ‘Instagramers’ as Jill calls them are to me just ‘Photographer’s’ of this generation capturing the new modern suburban landscapes with the same objective mundane approach, documenting the architecture that sees to exist.

Suburbia is an interesting topic of subject for me personally. It’s rightly documenting the in-between the center of the city and the only just connected rural areas on the outer fronts (geographically). Usually, this is where the majority of people live within in a city. A family house with a style of house, paired with a daily commute, school run, weekly shops and of course how technology has impacted every part of our lives. There’s something about this that interests me to look closer at the subject.



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